A Scientifically Developed Tool for Pain and Opioid Risk Assessment

PainCAS is the only clinical tool of its kind to continually assess benefits and risks associated with opioid therapy throughout the entire patient journey. It increases patient engagement by providing individualized provider and patient reports, improves treatment outcomes by facilitating active measurement of function, and improves patient safety through validated, real-time risk assessments.

By eliminating outdated paper scoring and replacing the traditional SOAPP-R and COMM with shortened electronic versions, the SOAPP-8 and COMM-9, PainCAS improves workflow and increases efficiency.



Standardize the assessment of pain, functioning, and risk:

  • Enables consistent pain assessments for patients coming in for intake and follow-up clinic appointments (typically every 30 days)
  • Offers evidenced-based problematic opioid-related behavior risk assessments that are quick for patients to complete, and are scored and interpreted automatically
  • Increases documentation of risk assessment and pain variables within the EHR

Improve workflow by:

  • Eliminating the need for paper assessments
  • Reducing staff burden related to hand scoring and interpretation of risk assessment
  • Encouraging patients to complete intake/follow-up assessments prior to their appointments
  • Providing at-a-glance graphical summary reports which include key clinical concerns
  • Offering EHR integration

Advance clinical decision-making by:

  • Identifying changes in patient risk status over time
  • Tracking patients’ pain profile in the context of ongoing treatment
  • Automatically generating graphical displays of patient functioning over time
  • Monitoring changes in patient functioning