Our Team

Game Changers & Thought Leaders

At Inflexxion, our team is changing the landscape of stimulants, tobacco, and opioid focused healthcare and beyond.  Our experts include clinical psychologists, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, research scientists, and technology professionals.

This combined expertise results in unrivaled tools, clinical assessment data, and analysis that improve patient outcomes and drive informed decision making for our clients.

Abdul Baba
Data Manager/SAS Programmer

Jared Beaumont
Senior Epidemiologist

JoAnne Bogert
Director of Finance

Stephen Butler
Senior Vice President, Chief Analytics & Data Science Officer

Lea Chilazi
Jr. Biostatistician

Taryn Dailey Govoni
Senior Epidemiologist

Jody Green, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Elena Fain
Software QA Manager

Susan Grosso
Chief Revenue Officer

Bruno Lempernesse
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Stacey McCaffrey
Research Scientist

Natasha Oyedele
Director of Surveillance Reporting Services

Niloy Patel
Director of Product Management

Christi Perkins
National Sales Executive

Jeannette Pforr
Director of Marketing

Rakhi Shah
Software Engineer

Janine Sheehan
Client Account Manager

Mary Sweet
Client Account Manager

Miray Tand
Account Manager

Albert J. Villapiano
Vice President of Clinical Development

Abebe Woreta
Software Architect

Allen Xu
Director of Technology

Board of Directors

John Regazzi
Chairman of the Board

John Findlay
Board Member

Steve Jarmel
Board Member

Sofija Jovic
Board Member

S. Brian Mukherjee
Board Member

W. Andrew Worth
Board Member