Health Research & Analysis

Driving Results Through Scientific Data and Analysis

  • Aggregate data from clinical assessments, Internet monitoring, and surveys to provide a unparalleled source of information.
  • Analyze and disseminate health-related data for surveillance, risk management, and epidemiological studies, outcome measurement, and quality improvement.
  • Advance clinical outcomes, improve treatment, increase productivity, and lower costs.

Organizations rely on Inflexxion for in-depth reporting on patterns and trends of prescription medication abuse to mitigate risk, achieve FDA compliance, and support FDA post-market requirements as they identify emerging trends in substance use.

Inflexxion offers real-time monitoring of substance use patterns and trends, including those that may result from the introduction of new products or abuse-deterrent formulations to the market.  Monitored substances include prescription opioids, prescription stimulants, alcohol, and illicit drugs such as heroin, among others.

Our unique data streams allow scientists to measure abuse rates of non-ADFs and potentially ADFs relative to comparative products, evaluate the route of administration profile, and analyze the reactions of abusers to ADFs, including efforts to develop and disseminate recipes designed to defeat the ADF properties of the new formulation.