The NAVIPPRO Real-World Mosaic: Data Streams

Treatment Center and Pain Clinic Data

Inflexxion’s data collection tools are collected in near real-time and provide behavioral health, substance abuse, and pain treatment center data which are used for the purposes of surveillance and real world epidemiological analyses. These data can be used to demonstrate changes in abuse patterns and may provide evidence for the potential abuse-deterrent characteristics of a product.

Our data comes from a proprietary system of treatment centers around the country. Using these data, we can measure product specific relative prevalence of abuse, route of administration patterns, and sources of procurement for opioid and stimulant products. Following these patterns over time, we are able to observe changing abuse trends including:

  • Comparing compounds to each other
  • Type of formulations
  • Products containing abuse-deterrent properties compared to similar products without these properties

Internet Monitoring

Includes captured and analyzed data from selected publicly available recreational drug abuse discussion forums. With this historical and current data, Inflexxion captures trends over time regarding a variety of drug abuse-related topics and examines changes that occur when drugs are modified.

Custom Surveys

While passive surveillance of Internet discussion about particular products or abuse-related issues provides an important window into the attitudes, behaviors, and preferences of those using these products, some questions need to be asked more directly.

Inflexxion’s Health Analytics team conducts Internet surveys to query specific populations, such as high-risk recreational abusers and the general population. Each survey is custom designed to address client’s specific research questions and may cover a variety of topics, including product-specific questions about preferences, use patterns, and efforts to tamper.