Helping improve the assessment process and increase the quality of care for adolescents

CHAT™ (Comprehensive Health Assessment for Teens) is a behavioral health assessment tool designed for use with clients ages 13-18.

Results from CHAT can help guide treatment planning for adolescents who are beginning or are already in treatment for substance use or mental health problems, or who have entered into the juvenile justice system or a youth treatment facility. Modeled after the adult ASI-MV, CHAT includes sections on Psychological and Medical Health, Relationships, Substance Use and Resiliency.

Adolescent Engagement

  • Engaging multimedia audio introductions and prompts throughout make the online program attractive and engaging for adolescents to use.

Improved quality assurance

  • Using an evidenced-based, standardized assessment tool makes it easier for providers and other care organizations to measure the effectiveness and efficacy of programs.
  • Easy access to progress and outcomes.
  • Using the Analytics Data Center, you can track aggregate, de-identified data in real time about consumers and monitor changes and trends over time.

Enhanced client-treatment matching

  • The data from the consumer self-administered assessment are extracted, then organized in clinical reports designed to assist healthcare providers in making the optimal treatment and placement decisions.