Behavioral Health FAQ

Quick Guide

Contact Customer Support to:

  • Grant additional staff members access to facilities
  • Get full user access to all assessments and/or sites
  • Retrieve username if you receive an error message that the username (email) is already on file.
  • Add more uses to my account
  • Gain access to view all Analytics
  • Retrieve an existing clients missing assessment
  • Delete assessment records completed in error
  • Gain access to client records for court ordered purposes
  • Deactivate former employees and gain access to their completed assessments
  • Have an assessment moved to the appropriate facility if a client initially takes an assessment under the wrong location

General Questions

What is the difference between Severity Ratings and Composite Scores?

Severity Ratings are the clinical summary scores most commonly used by clinicians. They are useful for identifying problem areas that may need to be addressed in the treatment plan.  Severity Ratings normally are NOT used for research or outcome evaluation because they factor in client responses to “lifetime” questions, which will not change in subsequent administrations (e.g. “How many times in your life have you been in jail or prison?”).

Composite Scores are generated from a number of answered questions in each domain that refer to client behavior over the last 30 days (not “lifetime”). Therefore, Composite Scores are useful for identifying change in problem status and can be used in research and outcome evaluation.

How do you know clients are answering truthfully; can’t they fool the program?

Clients can fool the program but they can also fool staff.  The BHI-MV and ASI-MV have a built-in consistency check of 27 pairs of questions, which, if not answered the same way, suggest a client may be misunderstanding or deceiving the program.  If not corrected when the client is prompted to do so, these inconsistencies are listed at the end of the Narrative Report for clinician follow-up.

What is the SNAP Survey?

This is the Strengths, Needs, Abilities, and Preferences Survey, which a client can complete at any time.  It does not have to be completed at the time of the assessment.

I currently have access to the ASI-MV, but am interested in using the BHI-MV and/or CHAT. How do I do this? Will there be an additional charge?

Customer Support can grant you access to the BHI-MV/CHAT at no additional charge.

What is the difference between the ASI-MV, BHI-MV, and CHAT?

The difference between the ASI-MV and BHI-MV is that while it incorporates the seven domains of the ASI-MV®, the BHI-MV includes additional content related to eating disorders, trauma, self-harm, violence, tobacco, gambling and military status.  The CHAT (Comprehensive Health Assessment for Teens) is a behavioral health assessment tool designed for use with clients ages 13-18.answer

Assessment Questions

A client completed an assessment and wants to go back and change their answers, can this be done?

No, once an assessment has been completed they may not resubmit different answers.

If I want my client to complete the assessment after seven days, do I have to re-enter all the information on the registration screen?

No, that information is saved for 30 days.

How will I know when a client completes an assessment that I send remotely via email?

You will receive an email confirmation that the assessment has been completed.

How can I send an assessment to be completed remotely, from the client’s home?

On your Dashboard, in step three in the “Clinical Tools” column, select “Email the interview to a client.”

Where do I find assessments that clients have not completed?

Go to your Dashboard, choose “Manage Records and Reports” and click on the “Pending” tab.

What happens if the client doesn’t finish the assessment after the seven day period and it expires? Can it ever be retrieved?

If the assessment expires after the seven day period the client will need to restart the assessment from the beginning.

Can a client stop an assessment and complete it later?

Yes, and it will be saved for seven days, so the client can pick-up on the last question they finished.

How long does a client have to complete an assessment sent to them remotely?

Seven days.

How long does it take to complete an assessment?

It typically takes 60 minutes to complete an assessment.


User Related Questions

User Setup

How do I update my Username?

Once logged in, click on “My Account” and edit “My Log-In” Information.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

You may reset your password by answering your two security questions you created when registering for the tool.  If you do not know your security questions, you can contact Customer Support to have it reset.

How do I retrieve the organization code needed for me to complete my registration page?

Customer Support can provide you with the organization code.

I have a new staff member that needs access to the ASI-MV/BHI-MV/CHAT. What should I do?

New staff members need to register on the site. If you cannot remember the steps needed or your organization code, click on My Account from the Dashboard and your Organization Code will be found under My Location. If further assistance is needed, contact Customer Support and we can supply you with the step by step instructions for registering.


Staff Member Questions

Is there a limit to how many staff members can have administration/full user access?

No, administration/full user access can be granted to unlimited number of staff members with the approval of the decision maker.