Abebe Woreta

Software Architect

Abebe Woreta has been with inflexxion for 9 years. He has worked at the position of Senior Software Engineer working on multiple projects for many years including MyStudentBody®, PainCAS, Headzup, painACTION®, PainEDU, MAPP-PC, CDS, BHS and ASI-MV® Connect. He has worked as a lead Engineer in some of the projects. Abebe has been working collaboratively with other engineers and he has been involved in mentoring junior and mid-level engineers. Currently, he is a Software Architect responsible for architecting, designing and building various products.

Before joining Inflexxion, Abebe worked as a Software Engineer for Jenzabar, a software company in Boston. He was responsible for development and maintenance of web applications used in the Higher education sector.

Abebe earned his Master of Science in Computer Science in 2014 from Boston University. He also earned his Master and Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from Addis Ababa University.