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Inflexxion's™ strong emphasis on science and research enables us to publish articles in scholarly peer-reviewed journals. Below you will find publications authored by members of our staff on various health topics.

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Nonmedical Use of Prescription ADHD Stimulant Medications Among Adults in a Substance Abuse Treatment Population: Early Findings From the NAVIPPRO Surveillance SystemCassidy, T. A.
McNaughton, E. C.
Varughese, S.
Russo, L.
et al.
2015-03-04Journal of Attention Disorders
Monitoring of Internet Forums to Evaluate Reactions to the Introduction of Reformulated OxyContin to Deter AbuseMcNaughton, E. C.
Coplan, P. M.
Black, R. A.
Weber, S. E.
Butler, S. F.
2014-02-03Journal of Medical Internet ResearchPDF
From documenting death to comprehensive care; Applying lessons from the HIV/AIDS epidemic to addictionWakeman, S. E.
Green, T. C.
Rich, T.
2014-01-13The American Journal of Medicine (in press)
Changes in prevalence of prescription opioid abuse after introduction of an abuse-deterrent opioid formulationCassidy, T. A.
DasMahapatra, P.
Black, R. A.
Wieman, M. S.
Butler, S. F.
2013-12-11Pain Medicine
Law enforcement attitudes toward overdose prevention and responseGreen, T. C.
Zaller, N.
Palacious, W.
Case, P.
et al.
2013-12-01Drug and Alcohol Dependence
Electronic opioid risk assessment program for chronic pain patients: Barriers and benefits of implementationButler, S. F.
Zacharoff, K.
Charity, S.
Lawler, K.
Jamison, R. N.
2013-11-27Pain PracticePDF
Emergency department utilization among recently released prisoners: a retrospective cohort studyFrank, J. W.
Andrews, C. M.
Green, T. C.
Samuels, A.
et al.
2013-11-05BMC Emergency Medicine
Shortening the Current Opioid Misuse Measure via computer-based testing: a retrospective proof-of-concept studyFinkelman, M. D.
Kulich, R. J.
Zoukhri, D.
Smits, N.
Butler, S. F.
2013-10-20BMC Medical Research Methodology
Recovery 2.0: Enhancing Treatment with TechnologyChiauzzi, E.
Los, C.
2013-09-01Journal of Employee AssistancePDF
Two cases of intranasal naloxone self-administration in opioid overdoseGreen, T. C.
Bowman, S. E.
Ray, M.
McKenzie, M.
Rich, J. D.
2013-08-13Substance Abuse (in press)
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