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Inflexxion's™ product scheme and architecture for collecting, analyzing, and information sharing lends itself to many other areas within healthcare informatics. Historically, Inflexxion has been focused on Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse related conditions. Inflexxion is pursuing the same proven data analytic strategies to the treatment of chronic pain. The management team believes there are other significant conditions and/or diseases that can benefit from their product architectures.


Inflexxion provides unique data collection, data analysis and educational programs to:

  • Pharmaceutical companies in the Chronic Pain Treatment and ADHD areas
  • Tobacco companies regulated by the FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP)
  • Behavioral Health and Addiction Programs through Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings for clinical decision support and outcomes monitoring
  • State and Federal Government through SaaS offerings for outcome analytics and quality measurement
  • Medical Systems through SaaS offerings for clinical decision support and outcomes monitoring

Educate, Collect, Analyze