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Inflexxion™ develops behavioral change programs that reduce health-related risks, improve clinical outcomes and positively influence quality of care and improve public health.


Inflexxion is a unique healthcare information technology company that offers:

  • World-class subject matter experts focused on addictions, behavioral health, and chronic pain, which are expensive and difficult to treat areas that permeate all of healthcare.
  • Research and Development (R&D) using scientific and information technological expertise and National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding to design, develop, and test innovative strategies to solve difficult health problems.

This fusion allows Inflexxion to develop evidence-based Software as a Service (SaaS) products designed to collect information in real-time at the clinical setting.  These collection tools upload HIPAA-Compliant data, in aggregate form and de-identified to Inflexxion’s secured servers. Inflexxion researchers analyze the data to solve problems that reduce health-related risks, enhance clinical outcomes, and positively influence quality of care. Inflexxion’s products offer solutions in both clinical and regulatory environments.

Inflexxion provides unique healthcare products that:

  1. Collect data in innovative ways through clinical settings, Internet WebCrawler technology, and web-surveys regarding health status, health behaviors, health beliefs, and health outcomes.
  2. Analyze and disseminate health-related data for purposes of surveillance, risk management, epidemiological studies, quality improvement, and outcome measurement.
  3. Educate/change behaviors by providing online, empirically driven, health-related approaches to healthcare providers, patients, and the general population.

Inflexxion is committed to research best practices. To ensure the objectivity and integrity of our research, we have developed a Financial Conflict of Interest Policy and Research Misconduct Policy.  For information about either of these policies, please contact us.