The Screener and Opioid Assessment for Patients with Pain (SOAPP)® helps clinicians assess the suitability of long-term opioid therapy for chronic pain patients.

The SOAPP was developed with support from Endo Pharmaceuticals and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The SOAPP has been scientifically validated for use in chronic pain patients who are receiving, or under consideration for, long-term opioid therapy. This self-administered questionnaire takes just minutes to complete and score.  Clinicians can use the results to:

  • Better predict a patient's likelihood of misusing or abusing opioids.
  • Document decisions about a recommended level of monitoring for a patient.
  • Justify referrals to specialty pain clinics.




  • Available to clinicians at® (questionnaire, background information and scoring instructions may be downloaded at no charge).
  • Comes in four versions: 5, 14, 24 questions and the Revised SOAPP: SOAPP-R.
  • May be self-administered at or prior to an office visit, or completed as part of an interview with a nurse, physician or psychologist.
  • May help differentiate those patients who require more or less clinician monitoring while on long-term opioid therapy.