The Current Opioid Misuse Measure (COMM)® is a patient self-assessment that assists clinicians in identifying current pain patients who are misusing their opioid medications.

The COMM was developed with support from Endo Pharmaceuticals and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It primarily focuses on current behaviors and cognition rather than character and personality traits. So unlike measures that aim to identify risk potential for substance abuse (i.e. predictive validity), the COMM asks patients to describe how they are currently using their medication.

In addition to monitoring their chronic pain patients on opioid therapy, providers can use the COMM to develop treatment strategies for minimizing continued misuse. The COMM’s 17-item questionnaire is easy to understand and takes little effort to score.


  • Available to clinicians at PainEDU.or.
  • Includes questions developed using input from a panel of experts and concept mapping® analyses.
  • Scale designed to over-identify misuse rather than fail to identify patients who are actually abusing their medication.
  • May be useful for providers who need to document patients' compliance with opioids.
  • May reduce physicians' concerns related to prescribing opioids.
  • May keep patients more cognizant of their need to be responsible with opioids.